Sales, installation and servicing of medical-technical aids to compensate physical, speech and cognitive limitations, in multi mural environments. “Nursing house at home.” 


QuoVadis is very experienced with complex solutions combined with environmental control (ECU) and communication aids (AAC) as well as home electronics.

QuoVadis Nederland BV

In 1993 QuoVadis Nederland BV was founded in The Netherlands by its owner René van Wijk, initially aiming for environmental controls for impaired persons (ECU). QuoVadis decided not to produce or adjust any products by itself. Preferably as an exclusive reseller, it sells products of other suppliers to complement the product range. The product range soon expanded with communication aids (AAC). Later we expanded the range with a NurseCall system, both in the small living areas for multiple handicapped persons as well as people with dementia. For many years QuoVadis has been distributing personal alarm systems and care phones at home and for special needs alarming like ventilating machines, epilepsy monitoring and wander alarm at home.

In 2012 a Belgian company was raised: QuoVadis België BVBA, aiming on the Flemish speaking part of Belgium, Flanders.

QuoVadis provides implementations of aids to compensate physical, cognitive and speech disabilities, with the focus on the PERSON.

ABC of QuoVadis

QuoVadis is first in its field offering the ABCDE concept: Alarmeren, Bedienen, Communiceren, Dementie, Epilepsie

  • Alarm (Alarmeren)
  • Creating a safe situation for both the care taker and the care giver, for example with alarm transmitters and sensors. Within, without and in between buildings.
  • Control (Bedienen)
  • Control adjustments for persons with a control limitation and making functions in the living environment available with e.g. environmental control.
  • Communication (Communiceren)
  • Improving or enabling communication with speech substitution or speaking aids based on text, symbols or a combination of both. Software and/or hardware.
  • Dementia (Dementie)
  • Providing aids for elderly and people with decreasing mental capabilities, for example as a result of dementia. For example, time and planning aids, wander alarm, home monitoring.
  • Epilepsy (Epilepsie)
  • Monitoring of epileptic insults either in bed or outside, including appropriate and adequate informing caregivers. 

Integration of solutions

QuoVadis very often uses this picture with the wheelchair in its centre to explain their vision:

The focus is on the PERSON.

Depending on possibilities, limitations and wishes, different aids can be implemented. This gives the user the opportunity to realize its wishes and, despite the limitations, take advantage of the possibilities. The user may be someone with a disability, but this theory is also applied with regard to care facilities, municipalities, healthcare insurance companies and advisors.

Since the wishes of the users have formed our focus from the start, QuoVadis understood that not only functionality, but also ease of use should be a major thing to reckon with. Infrared environmental control therefore formed a great base for giving more independence.

The wish for independency and ease in use not only counts for end users, but for all clients. Now we combine Infrared and radio frequent signals in our environmental control, but in the last 20 years the technological developments have also increased the use of IP solutions. The combinations of these wireless solutions give almost never-ending possibilities. Our task is to combine them in the best way.

Home integration

The expertise of QuoVadis lies in the integration of products, leading to living in the private home as independent and as long as possible. Costs for care have turned too high, forcing governments throughout Europe to encourage their citizens to stay in their private homes as long as possible, with support of relatives for care. Migration to care institutes will be postponed as long as possible.

With help of alarm and communication facilities as well as environmental control, the person, depending, on others’ help, can take control of as many functions as possible.

One solution

The knowledge and experience we use for complex rehabilitation solutions for people with severe multiple disabilities can also be used in the fast-growing market of elderly. It is possible to allow people, whether elderly or disabled, to live in their own home longer by using advanced technology. This possibility is beneficial to the people themselves as well as to the communities and health insurance companies, trying to lower expenses for aids and care.


QuoVadis strives for good quality. We put our striving in practice but are also the opinion it is important to have our quality approved. For this purpous we underwent the strict testing requiered for a ISO 9001 certification, and TÜV tests. This resulted in the appropriate certificates, valid until 20 July 2021. Recertifcation is expected in October 2021.

In adition to this QuoVadis in 2014 received the quality certification of care chain by WDTM / QAEH (www.qaeh.nl) as a:

  1. Reseller
  2. Supplier
  3. Installer

WDTM is a Dutch organization in which care organizations, care centres, suppliers, installers, housing associations and consultants work together to promote the use and deployment of residential care technology and to improve and secure the quality and continuity of the market.

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